Curriculum Vitae

 Anthony Smith MEng CEng MIMechE  | +44 (0) 7815 150827


Chartered Mechanical Design Engineer with over 20k hours of CAD experience in professional motorsport and a pragmatic approach to continuous improvement.


Employment History


Ensevo Limited, Padfield Main Road, Padfield [Dec 2014-Present]

Freelance Design Engineer.


McLaren Racing Limited, McLaren Technology Centre, Woking [Sep 2016 – May 2017]

Department: McLaren-Honda F1 – Vehicle Design Office

Primary Role: Design Engineer – Contractor | Hours: 50++ per week

Responsibilities: Design of mechanical parts, assemblies, rigs, jigs, fixtures, tooling, equipment and test pieces for the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 project.


Mercedes-Benz AMG High Performance Powertrains Limited,

Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre, Brixworth [Feb 2015 – Sep 2016]

Department: Mechanical Engineering; Top-End, Bottom-End, Boosting, Integration, Advanced Measurements.

Primary Role: Mechanical Design Engineer – Contractor | Hours: 45++ per week

Description: Design, analysis, modification and revision of production and development parts (metallic & composite) for 2015, 2016 & 2017 Mercedes Formula 1 Engines.

Design of parts for internal combustion engine development and design of test rig parts. ¬ Design of associated tooling. ¬ Creation of kinematic models. ¬ Installation of electrical components used for precise measurement of dynamic engine parts.

Software Experience: CATIA V5 (Part Design, Drafting, GSD, GSA, CBD, DMU Kinematics), ENOVIA V5 VPM (LCA), SAP, MS Office.


McLaren Racing Limited, McLaren Technology Centre, Woking [Sep 2007 – Dec 2014]

Department: Structural Design & Materials, [2007-2011], Suspension [2011-2013], Transmission [2013-2014]

Primary Role: Design Engineer | Hours: 40++ per week (variable over-time)

Responsibilities: Design and development of car parts, assemblies, rigs, jigs, fixtures, tooling, equipment and test pieces for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 project, in line with company procedure and industry regulation.

Notable design projects I have completed include; impact structure development, FIA regulation tests, brake dyno, steering dyno, front/rear wing rigs, suspension rigs, gearbox rigs, engine & hydraulic system rigs, material test pieces, and installation of car onto both CDR (8 Post rig) and K&C rig.

I was typically involved in the entire lifecycle of products I designed from inception through to engineering change control and held the authority to scrap or sign concessions for those parts.

Project Management: I held a high level of autonomy during my employment which has allowed me to manage the design of my own projects from concept to end use. Furthermore, I was occasionally tasked with managing the work of students/contract staff.

Software Experience: CATIA V5 (15,000+ hours), ENOVIA 3DCOM (VPM)


DJ Racecars Limited, Furness Vale [Mar 2007 – Jul 2007] (Now DJ Engineering Services)

Primary Role: Composite Laminator/Engineer | Hours: 40+ per week (variable over-time)

Responsibilities: I laminated pre-preg carbon fibre composite rear wings that were supplied to Lotus Cars. My work here gave me an appreciation of the practical application of composites.


Honda R&D Europe, UK (HRE-UK), Swindon [Jun 2005 – Sep 2005 (3 month post-grad placement)]

Department: Design Office | Primary Role: Development Engineer | Hours: 35+ per week

Responsibilities: I assisted colleagues in benchmark testing a range of vehicles with analysis of various chassis responses to advise on how the company could improve ride and handling. I also undertook technical research in the field of electronic stability control.

Software Experience: Post-processing raw test data using Matlab-Simulink


Prodrive Limited, Banbury [Sep 2003 – Aug 2004 (12 month under-grad placement)]

Department: Subaru World Rally Team Design Office

Primary Role: Design Engineer | Hours: 40+ per week

Responsibilities: I designed numerous parts and assemblies including: hydraulic handbrake, bodyshell reinforcement, switch plates and a variety of engine/gearbox components.

Software Experience: SolidEdge

Additional Relevant Experience

rFactor Sim Rig Build [Jun 2017]

I built a dedicated race/rally simulator rig to facilitate driver training, understanding of vehicle set-up and development of concept vehicles using multi-body systems.


Formula Student, Design Judge [Jul 2013]

I judged at the annual competition, assessing the design abilities of engineering students from the UK and beyond.

750MC, Kit Car Build [Aug 2006 – Sep 2007] Kit Car Mechanic [2007-2015 (Race Weekends)]

I assisted my father in building a kit car to race in the 750 motor club championship. ¬ My main responsibility was to ‘blueprint’ the Ford X-Flow engine in order to take full advantage of the championship regulations.  ¬This involved carefully dismantling the donor engine, specifying and procuring new components, commissioning machine work, cleaning, inspecting tolerances, assembly, fire-up, break in and test.

Practical Experience: Engine Building, Mechanical Assembly, Electrical Assembly, Inspection, Procurement, Fabrication, Restoration.


Formula Student, Oxford Brookes University [Sep 2005 – July 2006 (Master’s Project)]

During the course of my final year I was heavily involved with the design of the 2007 Formula Student car.   ¬The conceptual vehicle featured a bespoke engine and gearbox of which I designed the cylinder head and valve-train.

— For my final year project work, I won the institution best project prize, awarded by the IMechE. —

Software Experience: SolidWorks  | Supervisor: Professor Geoff Goddard








Formula Student, Oxford Brookes University [Sep 2004 – July 2005]

For my dissertation, completed during my penultimate year at university, I designed the front upright and hub assembly for the 2005 Formula Student car using SolidWorks.   ¬The objective was to improve steering geometry, manufacturability and reduce cost. I used FEA software to optimise for mass and stiffness under a range of typical load scenarios.

Software Experience: SolidWorks  | Supervisor: Dr Howard Ash

Formula TKM Kart Racing [1999 – 2001]

I raced and prepared 100cc 2-stroke karts for two years at club level prior to commencing my degree course.

Practical Experience: Mechanical assembly and set-up and running a basic race vehicle.


R.C. Nitro Truck Racing [1998-1999]

I built and raced 1:10 scale Nitro fuel powered, 2-stroke, radio controlled stadium trucks.

Key Skills

Advanced level in CATIA V5  with over 18,000 hours of active use.

CATIA V5 Workbenches: Part Design, Drafting, Shape (GSD); Composite (CPE); Structural Analysis (GSA); Digital Mock-Up (DMU) Navigator; DMU Kinematics; Functional Tolerancing & Annotation (FTA); Digital Shape Editor (DSE); Quick Surface Reconstruction (QSR).

  • Project Management: Highly organised and able to work autonomously to deliver design projects within tight deadlines from concept through to manufacture.”
  • Mechanical Design: “Exceptional at quickly and accurately creating detailed parametric 3D CAD data (part, assembly, master model/scheme) to enable precision manufacture of mechanical components.”
  • Surface Design: “Adept at swiftly forming and manipulating complex curvature continuous 3D surface data in a variety of software packages.”
  • Composite Design: “Very good at producing laminate parts/drawings, laminate manuals and mould tools.”
  • Structural Design: “Able to calculate the geometrical size of parts using classical methods and highly competent at optimising geometry using modern FEA tools.”
  • Material Science: “Broadly experienced at selecting appropriate materials and specifying heat/surface treatments for a given application.  Accustomed to working with metal, composites, polymers and elastomers.”
  • Design For Manufacture: “Capable at specifying the best process to fit a particular need and able to detail parts for machining, fabrication, laminating, rapid prototyping (3D printing), injection moulding, stamping and casting.”
  • Design For Cost: “Conscious of project budgets and considers options with client to ensure a good value solution is released for manufacture.”
  • Design For Assembly: “Considerate of end-user by allowing for space to assemble parts to each other and any tool or service access that may be needed.”
  • Engineering Documentation: Accomplished draughtsman, capable of creating and modifying 2D drawings from 3D CAD data to BS8888 within a structured PLM system, possessing a solid knowledge of how to correctly apply and interpret GD&T.”
  • Analysis: “Proficient at conducting various types of analysis; stress, thermal, cost, tolerance, clash, draft, feasibility, FMEA.”
  • Standard Parts: “Excellent at sourcing and packaging standard parts; fasteners, dowels, bushes, O-rings, seals, circlips, bearings, springs, sensors, plugs, actuators, motors, electrical, power transmission (gears, belts, chains), extruded sections etc.”


Further Assets

  • I develop custom hot keys keys using Auto Hotkey (.ahk) scripting in order to improve productivity.
  • I subscribe to industry newsletters, journals, forums and online training courses.
  • I am familiar with CATIA/ENOVIA V6 and PTC Pro/Engineer.

Professional Qualifications




Engine Design Project (Best Project Prize)


Summer Placement (Honda)


Advanced CAD/CAM


Applications of Computer Based Analysis


Numerical Methods & Application



Chassis Engineering


Automotive Engineering Design


Engineering Mathematics Part 2


Automotive Engines (Powertrain)


Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering


Materials Engineering


Automotive Electronics


* distinction

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Further Information

  • I hold a full UK driving licence
  • I hold a UK passport
  • IMechE Membership Number: 80046457
  • Chartered Engineer Registrant Number: 600712
  • References available upon request


Higher Education

1999-2001: 3 A-Levels; Design, Maths, Physics.

—- Cut teeth with PTC Pro/DESKTOP in 1999 and have been enthusiastically using parametric CAD ever since.

Additional Work Experience

Primary Role: Assist with wiring of new houses for both first and second fixes.

Primary Role: Assist with road vehicle service, repair and MoT.

Further Interests

Music; gaming; technology; health; philosophy; economics.


Concluding Remarks

  • Highly motivated and self-starting individual with a passion for engineering and education.
  • Equally content working within a team or in isolation with minimal supervision.
  • Experience working under pressure to meet tight deadlines.