Structural Design

Calculation of geometrical sizing of parts using classical methods and application of modern FE tools to optimize complex geometry. Ensevo offers two distinct types of structural design service; classical & finite element:

Classical: The use of primitive yet well proven stress analysis calculations derived from classical text books on the subject.  This maybe carried out either by hand or perhaps by using a typical spreadsheet application.  Classical methods are still highly valuable in the initial stages of a project where general sizing of geometry must be carried out.

Cheapest method of stress analysis and is fairly limited to simple problems.

[pic of hand calc to left with calculator and paper/ pencil]

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): The use of sophisticated computer based software applications to aid in a comprehensive analysis of the stress distribution within a given part/assembly under a given loading scenario.  FEA is now invaluable in advanced design engineering projects since optimisation of geometry is highly effective.

Although choosing a full FE Analysis is more expensive than the classical approach, it is generally accepted as the mo

[pic of mesh to left and von mises plot to right]

stress, deflection, material selection, heat and surface treatment selection


Margin of safety and risk assumptions will be discussed with client up front.